DIY cushions from a duvet set

Following my garden bench makeover, I bought a couple of fantastic navy outdoor chairs from John Lewis for our patio – great value at £50 each, made even more affordable thanks to some gift vouchers we received last Christmas. They look fabulous next to my blue bench and are super comfy, but felt like they could do with little cushions.

During my hunt for inexpensive, easy care, tropical print rectangular cushions (which turned out to be fruitless), I chanced upon this duvet set from Accessorize Home on, on sale at £19 for the single size.

Accessorize Home - Tropical Orchid Duvet Set.png
Tropical Orchid Duvet Set from Accessorize Home

The fun bold pattern is perfect for my colourful garden. So it was another case of “if you can’t find it, make it“. I’m no expert on the sewing machine, but I have taught myself basic sewing skills through online tutorials and I find sewing to be a perfect rainy day activity.

I was able to make 4 cushions (35x50cm) from the duvet set, 2 for the garden chairs and the other 2 for sale.

John Lewis Salsa Garden chairs and DIY cushions

John Lewis Salsa patio chairs with DIY cushions.jpg

Pretty happy with them! 🙂

Now to find a weatherproof coffee table.

Patio with blue bench and navy garden chairs
Love how the wisteria trained over the pergola provides shade over the patio in the afternoon


Garden bench makeover [and a peek into my garden]

Our iron and wood garden bench had seen better days and the creaky old slats finally gave way last summer. It has been waiting forlornly for some TLC ever since and I am chuffed that we have finally got around to fixing it up and giving it a whole new lease of life.

Bench before
Bench before: totally knackered 

I bought like-for-like sized hardwood slats from Feuillus Fencing Ltd and it once it was re-slatted, it looked much happier:

Bench before painting
Bench with new hardwood slats, before painting

I used Ronseal Garden Paint in ‘Bluebell’ and wow, is it a stunning colour! It can be applied directly onto wood, and there was no exposed metal or rust on the ends thanks to the old layers of paint, so I just went straight onto it with the paint. 3 coats later…

Blue garden bench in dappled shade
At mid day, in the dappled shade of the wisteria
Blue garden bench in evening light
In early evening sunlight

From old and creaky to hip and peppy – I love it! 😀

Garden view from patio

Oh look, I found it a cushion. £2 for that tropical palm cushion cover from eBay!

We’ve been working away on different areas of our garden this year (I’ll talk about the other areas in a future post), and seeing as we’re in the patio today…

Pergola over patio
Don’t you just love a perfect blue sky? 🙂 (Ignore the neighbour’s outbuilding)

… in this area, we’ve replaced the old rotten pergola timbers with pressure-treated timber, and planted the little flower bed by the fence (the vine and clematis were the only plants there previously). I’m so looking forward to seeing the new plants grow and bush up. Perhaps in a couple of years we’ll get around to staining the new pergola timbers to match the support beams.

For now, the next change, or additions rather, will be a couple of chairs in front of the flower bed and a coffee table. I’ve just ordered the chairs and can’t wait to see them in situ!