My favourite 3 DIY autumn wreaths

Wreaths are such a lovely way to bring a seasonal vibe to your home, and they’re even better when they can be easily crafted in a short time for very little cost. Have a look at my favourite 3 autumnal wreaths, all of which look gorgeous and yet are satisfyingly easy to make!

1.  Fir cone wreath

DIY Autumn Fir Cone Door Wreath by Melanie Lissack
Fir cone wreath by Melanie Lissack

Are you wishing you’d thought of this? Because I am! This fir cone wreath made by Melanie Lissack is so beautifully simple, and so gorgeous! It looks especially wonderful against her cobalt blue door! Melanie’s easy tutorial can be found here.

2.  ‘Leaf rose’ wreath

Leaf rose wreath by Very Me Interiors
‘Leaf rose’ wreath by Anne Marie of Very Me Interiors

This wreath made by Anne Marie of Very Me Interiors is just darling! We all love the colours of fallen leaves in autumn and I love the way that Anne Marie has rolled them up into ‘roses’, thereby turning them into a work of art! So clever! You can find her easy-to-follow tutorial here.

3.  Hydrangea wreath

Hydrangea wreath
Hydrangea wreath by Janice of Gathered Threads

Hydrangea are one of my favourite flowers, so I adore this pretty wreath made by Janice of Gathered Threads! If you’re able to get your hands on a plentiful bunch of hydrangea, this is such a beautiful thing to make with them. See how Janice made hers here.

I’m sure you’ll agree all three of these are so inspiring! Are you running out to get a wreath base now??


10 thoughts on “My favourite 3 DIY autumn wreaths

  1. Gosh — I love all these ideas Meera!!! I’ve just been over and read Anne-Marie’s tutorial. Those little leaf roses are inspired aren’t they? I love the Hydrangea one the best — I keep seeing Laura-Ann’s (all that’s pretty) on IG — she makes these too!! SO gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing xCx #HomeEtc

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    • Oh I need to check out Laura-Ann’s wreaths, I think hydrangeas are perfect for wreaths as they dry so well, and they’re so gorgeous! Totally agree, Anne Marie’s leaf roses are brilliant!


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