Revamp Restyle Reveal – my living room reveal!

Hello and welcome to my project in the very exciting Revamp Restyle Reveal blog hop! Thanks to Kate Young for sending everyone my way following her bedroom reveal! If you’re new to Revamp Restyle Reveal, I introduced it in this post: 10 interior bloggers (including the amazing hosts Lisa Dawson, Bianca Hall and Oliver Thomas) revamped one room in their homes in one month with the help of 5 wonderful sponsors:, Amara, Maisons du Monde, Frenchic Furniture Paint and Earthborn Paints. The products that I used from the sponsors have all been highlighted below. I have absolutely loved following all the revamps over the past month whilst doing my own. After a very busy September, I’m delighted to show you my transformed living room. 

Before the revamp, this room was utterly uninspiring and quite frankly, embarrassing. I didn’t like being in it at all. The biggest problem was the decade-old, falling-apart ugly corner sofa that we were ‘making do’ with and using split as two medium sofas. Just so horrible 😝.

Anyway, now the room has been given a makeover, this is how it’s looking –

RRR Arty Home blue sofa and butterfly chair.jpg

The gorgeous grey wall colour is Trilby, from Earthborn Paints. I used the Lifestyle emulsion which I found really great to use; it covered beautifully and is a durable and washable paint, perfect for a home with kids and/or pets. I painted all the woodwork in Trilby eggshell. This deep grey colour has totally changed the vibe in the room!

Maisons du Monde DUKE sofa

The beautiful comfy DUKE midnight blue 3 seater fabric sofa and stunning ZOLA graphic mustard yellow velvet cushion are from Maisons du Monde, and the fabulous Pols Potten gold curvy ceramic stool is from Amara. It is the loveliest feeling to sit back on this sofa with my feet up on the furry footstool 😊.

Butterfly style chair

I cosied up my SANTIAGO leather armchair from Maisons du Monde with an Icelandic sheepskin, a cushion and a pouffe. Yes, it really is as comfy as it looks! 😊

RRR Arty Home living room ceiling light sprayed gold.jpg

The ceiling light was found for a bargain in a sale and was originally copper, but I sprayed it gold as that is my preferred metallic, if you hadn’t already guessed. 😉

Brace yourself for another ‘Before’ 😬:

Aaaand AFTER:

RRR Arty Home living room - tv and butterfly chair.JPG

Shall we take a closer look?

Arty Home Living Room shelfie

Pick a book and get comfortable…

RRR Arty Home TV wall.JPG

… or put your feet up and switch on the telebox. The fantastic Samsung UE40MU6100 Smart 4K Ultra HD TV and Sony HT-MT300 bluetooth soundbar with wireless subwoofer from have truly transformed our TV experience; I honestly had no idea what I’d been missing until I received these!

One final ‘before’:
Living room before


RRR Arty Home living room armchair and cabinet.jpg

Admittedly, the charcoal armchair is nothing to get excited about but it has plenty of life left in it and is actually really comfortable, so there was no reason to replace it. It looks much more inviting now with a gorgeous Icelandic sheepskin on it. I bought a retro cabinet on eBay and smartened it up with Frenchic furniture paint, using the Hornblower (dark blue) colour from the Lazy range (this paint has built-in wax so takes away the need to apply wax after painting).

RRR Arty Home living room revamp.JPG

On the cabinet, holding a pink hydrangea from my garden, is a pretty little gold glass vase from Maisons du Monde.

RRR Arty Home Living Room Amara Candle.JPG

Every living room needs a lovely scented candle for a relaxing evening atmosphere and this incredibly beautiful Jasmine and Ylang Ylang candle from Amara gives a wonderfully balanced and soothing scent which I have been delighting in every evening.

I’m so happy with the room now. It feels lovely, cosy and relaxing… a place where you want to just kick back, cosy up, chill out, flick through a magazine/book or watch TV. For everyone who has been following my revamp on social media, I hope I have met your expectations ☺️. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

Now it’s time to hop over to Dee Campling for her Revamp Restyle REVEAL and see what she has done for her son’s bedroom! Hope you enjoy all the reveals in the blog hop!

Dee Campling, Dee Campling Interiors – Boy’s Bedroom Revamp
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Lisa Dawson, Lisa Dawson Styling – Entertainment Room Revamp
Bianca Hall, French For Pineapple – Kitchen Revamp
Oliver Thomas, Oliver Thomas Interiors – Living Room Revamp
Kerry Lockwood, Kerry Lockwood In Detail – Girl’s Bedroom Revamp
Melanie Lissack, Melanie Lissack Interiors – Master Bedroom Revamp
Kate Young, Kate Young Design – Master Bedroom Revamp
Meera Pendred, Arty Home – Living Room Revamp

The biggest thank you goes to our generous sponsors who made our projects possible and were absolutely wonderful to work with! They are amazing companies with great products and fantastic service!

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38 thoughts on “Revamp Restyle Reveal – my living room reveal!

    • I love this Meera! Your styling of that Santiago chair is perfection! The colours are great and it all looks incredibly stylish. I’m feeling the need for an Icelandic sheepskin this winter 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Meera, I don’t know how to say this without sounding cheesy, but I want that living room for myself! I like every single one of your choices. It’s impressive as well how a simple rearrangement can change the mood of the room. A room to be very proud of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha you are so sweet Juan! That’s the biggest compliment, thank you very much! ☺️ And I have you to thank for many of the books dotted around the room! xx


  2. Oh Meera, I love everything about this room: the sofa, the cabinet, the chair and obviously the styling! And that table lamp is just gorgeous! You are so talented and I hope you know that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words Jane! I am indeed very happy with it all, the paint colour is gorgeous and works really well with everything else in the room. 🙂


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