IKEA gold

I don’t go to IKEA as often as I’d like, mainly because it’s a half hour drive away and going with little kids means we have to pack all manner of kid-clobber to be prepared for various scenarios and the trip ends up taking up a good part of the day. And I’m not even going to mention the grumbling husband as we go around the storeย ๐Ÿ˜‚. But lately I’ve been hearing a lot of amazing things about IKEA’s new ranges so I took advantage of one of my husband’s days off and went there by myself. And wow, I was not disappointed!

Long gone are the days of IKEA products looking cheap, they are now looking rather glam!ย One thing that struck me immediately was how much gold/brass they’ve added to their ranges. I love a bit of gold, I think it really lifts a space! And now you can accessorise your home with this warm metallic finish very affordably. Check out this knockout styling by IKEA of some of their gold/brass products:

IKEA BEGAฬŠVNING glass domes
BEGAฬŠVNING glass domes ยฃ6.95 for smaller one, ยฃ12 for larger one
IKEA accessories - blue and gold
Pร„RLBAND tealight holder ยฃ5, STOCKHOLM bowl ยฃ8,ย SNOFSA clock ยฃ12, SILVERHร–JDEN gold frame ยฃ5,ย Pร„RLBAND candlestick ยฃ6,ย TILLSTร„LLNING napkin holder ยฃ4.75,
IKEA TILLAGD gold cutlery
TILLAGD 24-piece cutlery set ยฃ40
GLATTIS tray ยฃ7.95
IKEA Bedroom Styling - Blue and Gold
MYRHEDEN grid frame ยฃ12

Some other products I saw and loved:

IKEA gold and brass products
1. EKLOG 48-piece stationery set ยฃ5, 2.ย Pร„RLBAND candelabra ยฃ12, ย 3. KLABB floor lamp ยฃ85, ย 4.ย GULDBODA 13x18cm frame ยฃ4.50, ย 5.ย JANSJร– LED wall/clamp spotlight ยฃ12, ย 6. GLATTIS coasters ยฃ3.75

Are you as impressed with these gorgeous gold IKEA products as much as I am?!ย ๐Ÿ˜


16 thoughts on “IKEA gold

  1. Wow! So many gorgeous things that I want! I’m in Ikea every other month probably but haven’t seen that new range yet. Planning a trip for next week though! Would be nice if we could go together one day ๐Ÿ™‚ Or maybe not… we would just encourage each other to buy more (and spend more). More importantly what did you get from your last visit?

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    • Haha it’d be great to go with you one day, lovely! I was remarkably restrained last time and only came away with some frames and coasters, oh and a cushion ๐Ÿ˜Š xx


    • These new products are surprising for IKEA aren’t they? In a good way, of course! Oh, I’m sure they’ll restock the gold cutlery before long, demand must be huge! xx


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