Revamp Restyle Reveal – The Launch!

EXCITING NEWS!! Lisa Dawson (interior writer, stylist and social media influencer), Bianca Hall (designer and writer of popular interior blog French For Pineapple) and Oliver Thomas (2017 Great Interior Design Challenge Finalist) have launched REVAMP RESTYLE REVEAL, where 10 well known interior bloggers will be challenged to revamp one room in their house ​with the support of sponsors ​over the course of four weeks. And I am SO EXCITED TO BE ONE OF THE BLOGGERS TAKING PART!! 

RRR logo.png

Check out the official website Revamp Restyle Reveal which has all the details of the project, the sponsors, the bloggers taking part along with their plans for their respective room revamps, and also how YOU can take part! Also be sure to follow the social media channels for all the updates:
Instagram @revamprevealrestyle
Twitter @RRRUKofficial
YouTube Revamp Restyle Reveal

I am going to be revamping my living room which currently looks terribly sad and unloved. I haven’t shared much of this room on social media yet, and when you watch my video, you’ll see why!! This room has been a huge source of embarrassment for me and it was such a massive cringe for me to show it as it is now. It was also a massive leap out of my comfort zone to talk in front of a camera, so please be nice 🙂

Arty Home video
The challenge starts in 10 days and I am chomping at the bit to get stuck in! Given that room makeovers in my home often take several months, this really is going to be challenge for me, but the opportunity to finally give my living room a makeover was an opportunity I had to grab with both hands!, Amara, Maisons du Monde, Frenchic Furniture Paint and Earthborn Paints are the official sponsors for this project and without their amazing support, this would not be possible for me right now, so a big big thanks to them!

My plans for the room are still in flux, but as of now, this is my moodboard for the room:

Arty Home - Revamp Restyle Reveal moodboard

The key words are cosy, colour and texture. If you saw the video, you might notice some differences. I wasn’t able to get the ceiling light I originally wanted in time for this project due to stock issues so that was changed, and then I had a rethink about having a coffee table in this room. While my kids are young and like having the space to play on the floor, I decided not to get one for now.

Follow along via the social media channels linked above. I’ll also be posting stories and photos on my Instagram and Twitter throughout the project so do please follow me if you don’t already. And please keep your fingers crossed for me that I pull it off in the limited time I have. I can use all the cheering on I can get! 🙂 If you’re taking part, be sure to use the hashtag #RevampRestyleReveal so we can all see your makeovers!


14 thoughts on “Revamp Restyle Reveal – The Launch!

    • Yes, all 10 projects have 4 weeks starting 4th September. It’s a bit of a challenge for me as it takes me that long usually just to paint a room thanks to the very little time I get with little kids around, ha! Can’t wait to see the back of that horrible old sofa so that’ll keep me motivated! 😬 xx

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