Branch light

Atop my DVD cabinet, I had a lamp on loan from the dining room but the dining room really needed it back, so I needed another one for the living room. Only hitch – I had about £17 to spend on a new lamp. So I bought a simple plug-in cable light set from Vendimia Lighting Co. and fetched a branch from my garden. As you do.

I’ve always loved the easygoing effortless look of a light hung from a branch…

Inspiration - branch light
Inspiration images from @kviitkrull_ on Instagram and Design*Sponge

Pretty cool, yes?

I couldn’t find any guidelines about how to attach a branch to a wall so the hubby and I just did it what we thought best: we brushed off any debris from the branch, varnished it using a flat matt acrylic varnish to seal it, screwed it to wall at 3 different points and finally threaded the flex around the branch.

The pièce de résistance of this light is the bulb.

Diamond bulb

Isn’t it stunning? It’s a DIAMOND! And it gives out the most beautiful flattering golden light that is perfect for relaxing evening ambience.

It is a 6W LED bulb from William & Watson. It cost twice my total budget of £17. But c’mon, it’s a golden diamond! And according to the product description, it has an expected life span of 30,000 hours. That equals 16-26 years depending on how many hours per evening you have it switched on. I’m willing to sacrifice some chai lattes for it.

With everything back in its place…




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7 thoughts on “Branch light

    • Thank you muchly, Karen! 🙂 If I ever successfully propagate the monstera, you’re welcome to it! It’s so easy to look after and so dramatic! It can get crazy big, but I hear it’s easy to keep controlled with occasional light pruning.

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